For the calendar year 2019, the Trust has a sum of £40,000 to disburse as grants in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

The Trustees of Cicely Northcote Trust invites bids from voluntary/community bodies, new and well established, for grants in the region of £5,000 or up to £10,000, for innovative projects in the field of health and social care.

Trustees are keen to fund small, local, imaginative projects which might fall outside criteria set by other larger grant givers. The Trust focuses its support in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark and would be happy to be a partner in a joint project.

The Trust believes it to be important that organisations to which grants are given are able to show, during and at the end of the funding period, how their governance and forward planning, will enable their projects (where successful) to be sustained.

Projects could be a one or two year project and in certain cases we may consider grants spread over a maximum of three years.

In 2019 the Cicely Northcote Trust will focus our grants on projects and organisations that support those in prison and ex-offenders within the communities of Southwark and Lambeth

Our website provides background information about the Trust’s history and previous and current work. All required Trust’s criteria for projects are set out in the application form which you can access by clicking here

We would be happy to have an exploratory conversation about a project before a group makes an application if this would be helpful. Please leave a name and telephone number requesting such a conversation on our answering machine and your call will be returned as soon as possible.  (Our office is not staffed every day).

 Final date for application                             Wednesday 24th October 2018 by 5pm

Presentations by shortlisted applicants

At Camelford House                                     Monday 12th November 2018 (from 6pm)