Do You Know Your Carers?

This poster has been designed to raise awareness of carers by doctors and staff in primary health care premises. Designed by graphic designer, Jay Obrecht, who has been a carer, it is in full colour and printed on A3 laminated paper.

This poster was produced with the DVD ‘Who Cares for the Carer’. As with the DVD it can have other uses, particularly as a training tool for other staff who work with them and in discussion groups for carers.

 See sample Carers poster

At present we only have overprinted copies of this poster, which can easily be used by replacing the printed addresses with labels giving information about your own organisation. We are therefore able to offer it at the much reduced cost of £1 per poster - 6 posters for £5.

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Using the National Health Service

Originally produced as a tool for staff working with refugees and asylum seekers who need to explain what is provided within the NHS.

Our aim was to show through lively, easily understandable illustrations the key role of the General Practitioner in providing and referring users to other NHS services.

 See sample NHS poster

The poster has proved very popular, not only with refugee organisations but also with NHS and other groups who need to understand entitlement to NHS services.

The poster was produced in cooperation with the Refugee Council and the Refugee Health Team of Lambeth Primary Care Trust and was designed by Jay Obrecht. It is in full colour and printed on A3 laminated paper. Cost £1 per copy including postage and packing.

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